Brand Philosophy

‘Aapro’ (derived from an Indian ethnic language, ‘Marwari’) translates to ‘Yours’. The essence of the word is the expression of wearer’s identity combined with desire, moods and cultural setting. We believe that fashion is an artistic expression, showing and wearing art and; and not a mere commercial tool, functional and devoid of content.

To satisfy our ideology, we work in a manner that not only advances our own ideas but also cultivates skills in people around us. This constantly pushes both, the tradition and the evolution of design techniques in India, a treasure trove of undervalued artistic talent. For this reason, we prefer interdisciplinary research and often collaborate with underrated craftsmen who are highly proficient in their respective fields of folk textiles.

Aware of the quintessential comfort quotient, we create a modern view on Street Style that combines fine handwork techniques from various regions of India with design and technology, striking the perfect balance between ‘traditional and contemporary’ tendencies. While our design philosophy essentially revolves around ‘craft and colour’, we try accentuating that fashion can be timeless and that its consumption is as important as its journey till it reaches its final stage of creation.

Founded in 2015, ‘Aapro’ is the brainchild of Vatsala Kothari, Arhata Kothari and Bhavita Kothari from Rajasthan, a state synonymous to ‘a textile wonderland’. While Bhavita was born in a renowned textile dyeing & printing family, Vatsala and Arhata grew up sharing the same love for cultural art and design. This led them to pursue higher education in two of the most renowned art and design universities in the country, NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) and Pearl Academy respectively.

Together, they make the perfect trio for ‘Aapro’.